Q&A: What are you working on these days? (January 2015)

It has been a while since I last posted one of these entries. I sort of ran out of questions to ask myself that I thought anybody else would be interested in, and then I got a couple of copy-editing assignments, which kept me busy for a good three weeks or so. The question I address in this entry is one that I have actually been asked a few times recently…

What are you working on these days?

As far as specific projects are concerned, there’s ‘Dear Monday…’: Love Notes to the Days of the Week, which collects the first year’s worth of the notes to the days of the week that I have been posting since October 2013. I am currently soliciting feedback from a few people on what I have so far.

I have been gathering poems for my next collection, tentatively called Writing in the Dark.

I do not make New Year’s resolutions, but I have committed myself to writing at least one new poem every day, and posting at least one of them to my blog. I also participated in my first open-mic poetry reading recently, something I have been intending to do for a few months now.

I will be doing The Artist’s Way again this year; the group in which I participate starts up again this week. This will be my third go-around. The first time, in 2013, coincided with my divorce, and then with my decision to participate in the storytelling workshop that resulted in me reading Big, Beautiful Eyes in front of a group of people. The second time, in 2014, coincided with my decisions to re-release the Tinty Music catalog and publish my two poetry collections (Separation Anxiety and Journalism). This time? We shall see.

I want to do more poetry readings this year. I have done just three so far; though they have all gone well, it’s always a bit intimidating.

I will also be working to generate some income. I want to do more copy editing and actually sell some books. If I can find a way to make a little money with my photography, or get a few paying graphic design gigs, even better. If I can find a way to accomplish this on my own terms—in a way that makes sense for me—well, that’ll be as good as it gets.

(14 January 2015)