A Brief Observation

As this year of dramatic changes in my life lurches towards its conclusion, I find myself still being surprised by the things that come up along the way.

When I needed to find a place to go, I was offered a place to live for a few months.

When I finally got around to doing a long-delayed creative exercise, the results provided me with the opportunity to express feelings I had been holding back for a while.

When I learned about a storytelling workshop a couple of months ago, I found an opportunity to tell a story I’d been holding on to for way too many years—as well as a chance to confront a long-standing phobia.

When I attended the workshop, I met someone looking to expand her business in ways that happened to offer me things I needed for my own journey.

When I shared my own story about the recurrence of the type of anxiety I haven’t felt for a number of years, a friend of mine shared a link to the story of someone who has channelled the success of her own journey into a way of helping other people with theirs.

Where all this will lead is still unclear. But, I’m reminded of the notion that all we have to do is to begin the journey; the stones of the path we choose will appear before us, one at a time.

(10 November 2013)

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