The other day, while looking at beds and bed frames, I walked into the Dania furniture store a couple of doors up from the place where I just bought my bed.

Then, I saw it:

Avanti Lounge
The display model of the “lounge sofa” I just bought for my new place.

This slice of orange awesomeness is the Avanti Lounge. The color and shape drew me in right away. Sure, there’s a chance that it could end up being tacky as h-e-double-toothpicks—but it plays into two things.

The first is that, ever since the end of my marriage (the actual end, not the official, “you-are-now-divorced” end), I’ve been trying to incorporate brighter colors in my life. Though I’ve had occasional dalliances with the likes of a predominantly red, sort-of African-themed futon cover in the early 1990s, a yellow sweatshirt here and there, and the annual Ugly Shirt, my preferred color palette has largely skewed towards darker and/or more subtle shades of blue, green, sometimes purple, and (once in a while) brown.

So, I’m trying to move at least a little ways beyond the merely whimsical choice of the occasional bright(er) color, and make a more concerted effort to brighten up both my wardrobe and the space around me.

To that end, the local Goodwill, Value Village, and (thought slightly farther out) St. Vincent de Paul thrift stores have become my new go-to places for clothing. Over the last few weeks, I’ve replaced most of my blues, greys, darker greens, and browns in my closet with reds, yellows, oranges, and brighter greens. It’s been all shirts so far, mostly because there’s generally less need to actually try them on before buying. In any event, it’s a start.

The second is that this particular piece of furniture reminds me of the collection of Ikea furniture that we used to call “the orgy sofa”. It was a sectional made up of four or five pieces; placed together, they provided a lounging platform that could accommodate several people. It looked like an Ikea interpretation of something you might have found in the Playboy mansion in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

Unfortunately, the assemblage of pieces that made up this “orgy couch” cost more than we were willing to spend. Well, then there was the matter of where we’d have room to put the thing. The only logical place for it would have been in the downstairs living room, where  none of us really spent any time, even though it was something of an oasis during the warmest days of summer. So, we reluctantly passed.

I posted the picture above on Facebook; one of my friends commented that it resembles a giant cat bed. That was actually a consideration. I do have the two cats, and it does seem like the kind of sofa where one could have a cat or two sleeping nearby and still be able to stretch out and get comfortable. (I do plan to get maybe one or two throws or large blankets so that the thing doesn’t immediately become overrun by cat hair.)

And yes, there is still that whimsical element present. As I mentioned in my Facebook post, the whimsical part of me was “jumping up and down with unbridled glee” when I found the thing…

(23 May 2013)

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