Wishes sometimes have consequences: Now available!

Wishes sometimes have consequences is now available for ordering from your favorite bookstore!

I know I waited too long, but I have finally created a page for the book: you can find it here. The page contains:

  • Cover images for both hardcover and paperback editions (the contents are otherwise the same)
  • The ISBNs for both editions
  • A ‘What the book is about’ section that probably goes into more detail than necessary (but would have been even more excessive if I hadn’t eventually resorted to bullet points)
  • The text of my summary from the back flap of the hardcover dust jacket
  • Links to twelve poems included in the book (as originally published on my blog)
  • A list of stores in the Seattle area where you can order the book
  • A link to the IndieBound website for looking up indie stores in other areas
  • Links to listings for the book on the Powell’s, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble websites

If you should contact one of the bookstores I have listed and they are unable to order the book for you, please let me know so I can make the appropriate change(s) to the page.

Thanks for playing!

(30 April 2019)

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