National Poetry Writing Month 2019 Day #21 (pt. 2)

Here is my Day 21 poem using the prompt: Write a poem incorporating wild, surreal images.

Harder than it sounds…

My love note to Sunday
climbed upon deaf ears
and rode them into the hornet nest

This was possible
because the hornets
had decamped to Mandalay
for reasons they would not reveal

an empty hornet nest
is about as exciting
as a Sunday morning
dispensing the silent treatment
to passers-by
for no particular reason

On such occasions
an out-of-season iced coffee
will wake you up well enough
but won’t explain
why nobody buys polka records anymore

Oh sure, somebody will chime in
about the price of tea in China
because of course they will

Of course they will

But how much of the Lost Chord
would you remember
if you were stuck in an empty hornet’s next
on a dull Sunday morning?

I ran through the circle of fifths
for what seemed like an eternity
then I remembered how much I hate roundabouts
turned off onto a side street
and started following a series of miniature arrows
strung outward from a giant bow
wielded by a team of lab mice
forming a cheer squad pyramid

But they failed to make the finals
so the arrows started dropping to the pavement
in pairs (I guess they didn’t want to go alone)

Once the cheesecake squad began issuing citations
for excessive use of lemon flavouring without a permit
the whole enterprise fell apart
complicated by the sudden rash of flat tires
and a shortage of graham crackers for the crust

The charts were of no use
because they were all pies and bars
and the finer details of string theory
think they’re so much better than everyone else

John Lydon, bless his heart
dispatched them with a simple remark
but ended up with bloodied stumps
because the strings were tied around his fingers
and nobody thought to bring scissors

Fortunately he doesn’t play guitar
so the price of tea in China is unaffected

Unfortunately, other teas are identified
by tags attached to the bags by string
so the shortage makes life difficult for British everywhere
and we’re right back to mice picking up arrows off the pavement
while trying not to step in the cheesecake
all because a popular chain store is closed on Easter Sunday
a stray love note took up residence in a vacant hornet nest
and somebody is always going to argue about the true origins of punk

(19 April 2019—posted April 20th)

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