National Poetry Writing Month 2019 Day #19

Here is my Day 19 poem using the prompt: Write an abecedarian poem. Mine addresses my failure to come up with a poem for the other prompt I had for today, which was to write a poem consisting of mixed-up quotes. Well, it wasn’t really a failure, as I did write the poem—but it was influenced too much by the news and completely ignored the ‘no more than three or four words at a time’ directive, plus I really don’t want to post an overtly political poem right now.

After literally a dozen failed attempts
bagging the whole enterprise was the only logical step

Could I escape the news of the day
dancing through my consciousness
entire segments of the New York Times
funnelled into my frontal cortex?

Great art (which this is not) often comes from troubled times
Hell’s landscape viewed in the mind
inserts itself into both word and deed

Jokers laugh, but there is a dark twist
kindling the metaphorical sagebrush
lurking underneath

Maybe the situation really is funny
not merely absurd

Queues for the exit bunch at the doorway
revealing the panic
through the once-hallowed halls

Until the
venerable Mr
Wittgenstein is taken to heart
xerography may be our best hope of understanding this
year of confusion, and whether it be the
zenith or the nadir of the zone defense

(19 April 2019)

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