National Poetry Writing Month 2019 Day #15 (pt. 2)

Here is my Day 15 poem using the prompt: a dramatic monologue. I don’t know if my poem counts, but it’s a true story, and it really did feel like a scene from a Japanese drama.

Jules Shear once wrote a line about
‘a goodbye off of television’…

We were walking along the narrow street
I held my umbrella to keep her dry
as she pushed her bicycle
and we did our best to not think about…

See, it was one of those Tokyo summer afternoons
where the sun is partly out
and it’s raining at the same time—
providing momentary relief
from the humidity

We arrived at a vending machine beneath an awning
it was here we would part—
she would continue on to the station
I would return back to the apartment
I’d be leaving in three days’ time

We stopped for a minute to take cover—
was it one minute or ten?
What did we say to each other?
It hardly seems to matter now

We kissed for the last time

I offered her my umbrella
but she told me to keep it

I watched her ride off on her bicycle
until I could no longer see her
and then I walked home alone

Cue music and end credits

(14 April 2019—posted April 15th)