National Poetry Writing Month 2019 Day #14 (pt. 2)

Here is my Day 14 poem using the prompt: a poem incorporating homophones, homographs, and homonyms. I probably should have waited until first thing in the morning instead of writing just before bed (the prompt goes live at 9 PM Pacific time), because this poem (as such) is just silly.

When in doubt, pun(t)

Write right, she said

Their ‘they’re’ there is incorrect.

And if you lead with ‘lead’
the lighter metals won’t make much sense—
just my two cents

If a sow sows seeds
or sews thread
is she a sewing sow
or a sowing sow?

If she’s not very good at it
is she a so-so sewing sow
or a so-so sowing sow,
or just stumbling over her words
because sows don’t have lips?

Ted Knight
the night-time knight
woke up in the morning
with his sheets all in knots

Was it all for naught?

Why are there no plain planes?

Bondage: the art of tying naughty knots

If you’re going to bear a bare bear
when you march into battle
against a line of lions
make sure to keep the main mane
in your sight
however far from your site you stray

Always make sure you wear your armour
because the claws clause is pretty firm
and the penalties for not wearing your wares extremely strict

And, of course
make sure you’re armed with arms
or you’ll drop the bare bears you’re bearing

I have never read red wine
but I’m told one can read tea leaves

On the other hand
when tea leaves
pray you’re not out of coffee

The old joke is
that six is afraid of seven
because seven eight nine

But nobody ever asks
what four
or who one

Either way
the emergency number to dial in Germany
is 112

(13 April 2019—posted April 14th)

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