National Poetry Writing Month 2019 Day #10

Only one prompt available for Day 10 so far…

The prompt calls for ‘a poem that starts from a regional phrase, particularly one to describe a weather phenomenon’.

There’s nothing particularly regional about the phrases I included. The one that opens the poem is something my ex used to say (probably still does, as I note in the poem); the other two are my own phrases, which I use to describe states of rainy weather I still associate with particular times of the year.

‘It’s hot as a crotch,’ she used to say (probably still does)…

On those days when the mercury hit 100
even the wind fell into a languid stupor
disinclined to run the way it used to

At 120, the bees retreated as well
ceding eaves to the wasps
hovering by empty rain gutters

The wasps ceded nothing to anyone
not even the team of fighter jets flying overhead
could dissuade them from congregating

Over time, these summer scorchers
began to intrude into autumn
the wind and rains of football weather
receded into memory
pizza and beer replaced hot dogs and coffee
and they added covering to the other deck of the stadium

Now the crisp grey of baseball weather
oscillates between Indian summer
and late winter chill

When the frost disappears
the sprinklers work overtime
squirrels and flowers awaken early

Each morning, I wonder:
will I have to scrape my windows today
or prepare for May flowers…

(10 April 2019)