National Poetry Writing Month 2019 Day #1 (pt. 2)

Here I use the prompt: an instruction poem. Or, rather, my particular twist on it. I limited myself to television, because it’s late and I’m getting sleepy…

That’s how the castaways got stranded
on Gilligan’s island

That’s how William Shatner (and then John Lithgow, in the movie) went crazy and saw the monster
at 20,000 feet

That’s how Jack and Kate and Sawyer and Hurley and Sun and Jin and Claire and Charlie and Shannon and Boone and Sayid and Michael and Walt and John Locke and Mr Eko and Libby and Ana Lucia and Bernard and Rose and Desmond (in varying permutations):
            crashed on their island
            got captured by The Others
            jumped around in time and got nosebleeds because Ben didn’t turn the wheel properly when he moved the island
            ended up joining the Dharma Initiative because they ended up in 1977 so what else were they going to do?
            blew up a nuke to try to reset everything, which put them on parallel paths that, after a last season of uneven quality, lead them to the same church in Los Angeles where Jack finally realized that they were all dead


When you’re about to start a journey
and you see camera crews
filming your every move

You’re welcome

(1 April 2019)