National Poetry Writing Month 2019, early-bird poem

For this early-bird poem, I followed the prompt—sort of. Instead of a self-portrait as a historical or mythical figure, I made myself the figure in a photograph I took in January 2009 of a man standing in a graveyard.

Self-portrait as the unknown figure in the photograph

Back turned, head down
I am unaware of the driver in the car across the street
waiting for the light to change

I don’t believe time stands still
but if it’s possible, the moment is this one

the one that’s as blank as the fog beyond these trees
and as grey and formless as my face, turned away

the one frozen by a sudden pulse of electricity

the one another pulse will end
before I recognize this as forever

(30 March 2019)

6 thoughts on “National Poetry Writing Month 2019, early-bird poem

  1. Like how you have built up the mystery from the photo and within the poem itself, along with how you used your own interpretation of the prompt. The whole scene is pulsing with electricity, a timeless moment indeed.

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