Winter exile (a poem)

Had to get this one out before bedtime…

The accumulated scenery hides its condition
            —Can you see the face hiding amongst the dots?
                        —Can you find the words hiding amongst the static?

When reflections stare back at me, revealing nothing
I recognize something
I remember that I used to know its name
but I also used to remember yours—
it was an obsession
and I’ve discarded most of my obsessions now

The accumulated scenery scrambles to hide the evidence
          —What is it you think you want?
                        —What is it you’re willing to give me?

Reach for me
I cannot see my reflection in the water

The snow banks have decided
to pursue a reputation for longevity
enlisting the sky and the ground as accomplices

The creek does not rise

The accumulated scenery feels neglected
            —Am I no longer your source of metaphor?
                        —Are you no longer my source of solace?

Mirrors are feeble substitutes
their reflections static
their flaws manufactured

They are too dependent on lighting
to be reliable
or go with the flow

The accumulated scenery falls silent
I have withdrawn

(17/18 February 2019)

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