Candle wax (a poem)

Weird enough that I had to give it a try…

melting with the candles
upon which they were etched
my long-lost letter to you
flakes atop the dusty window sill

It had no place else to go
when I left the flame unattended
nothing else in the room
was worth the effort
of combustion

I scrape at it once in a while
hoping to remember some little piece
of what I once obsessed about
but the semicolon is only a gnat
that got trapped in the wax
when it had something to say

It may take the cancer
stretching my skin
for the memory to bleed through
because I remember I loved you
but that’s how I’ll know it was true

and then the dried candle wax
on the window sill
will tell me everything

(13 January 2019)

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