Bookstore Poem #465

Sometimes things you expect happen at unexpected times.

‘Be careful what you wish for…’
I reminded myself
having just been reminded
that wishes sometimes have consequences

Consequences, meanwhile
pay no mind to such things
preferring to roll over
whatever they damn well want to

(and whomever)

To which you might ask
whether I really think consequences
have no conscience
or I’m just being bitter

Bitter, I might reply
is a trap one falls into
when feeling trapped oneself
with nothing to hold onto but anger

Anger I prefer to save
for those occasions
where it is a legitimate response
to something other than my own feelings

Feelings are fine
but they’re too unwieldy
to be used as weapons—
particularly against oneself

‘Oneself?’ I hear you ask
‘Are you really that comfortable
speaking in abstracts?’
Yes, yes I am

Better that than getting angry
because wishes sometimes have consequences

(21 December 2018—posted December 22nd)

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