Bookstore Poem #464

Decamped for Third Place this morning just in time to miss the power outage.

The transformer blew at 11:15
the lights flickered, but stayed on

Pine needles and small branches
pelted the windows at odd intervals
sounding like sand and the occasional throwing rock

I’m told the lights went out
right after I left

Sometimes I see these things coming
I just don’t know it at the time

I came back to this place
where kids sit on Santa’s lap
and camera flashes make indoor lightning
in between episodes of cajoling
by Santa’s helpers and well-meaning parents
trying to persuade the reluctant
to ignore what they’ve been taught
and ask for what they want

I’m ready to leave now—
and just in time

I’m told the power’s back on at my place

(20 December 2018)

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