Reparations: a proposal (a poem)

(Movies + nostalgia) x tumblr = …

You know, I’d like to paraphrase
but I can’t remember the exact line
so I’ll get it wrong either way

I’d love to put words on my skin
where you touched me
but there are some places the needle can’t reach
and some places I kept at a distance
out of a mistaken sense of self-preservation

Even then, I’d pick the wrong words
something thrown away without thinking
over the ones that mean something
or at least mean what they mean to say

Then again, as long as we’re refitting the past
let’s make it the way it should have been
the way we wanted it to be
instead of what we let it turn into
because of misunderstanding and neglect
and the fear of trying again

They’re bringing the film back this Saturday
would you like to go?

(12 December 2018)

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