Bookstore Poem #441

Would I like my writing better in another language?

Imagine this in German
or Czech
or Russian
or Thai
or any of the subtitles on offer, really

Do the different cadences
and clusters of vowels and consonants
give these words a gravity
that my own choices lack?

I take another sip before continuing
if you were to ask me
I’d say I was thirsty
but secretly I’m hoping
to cut down my inhibitions enough
to pass more words over the top
than I could if I had to rely solely
on my erratic throwing arm

The sensation of being pelted
with insufficient words
is not a recurring nightmare
but neither is it a pleasant feeling

I may never learn

At least if this were German
or Czech
or Russian
or Thai
I could claim ignorance
of the nuances

(2 December 2018)

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