Scapes 12–17 (a poem)

Inspired by sounds made using the Scape app by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers. (The featured image above is a screenshot of one of the ones I made.)

Oasis clustered in the amber field
crimson-tinged talus beneath taut skin

I am many limbs gone missing called home
ignoring bruises, breathing deep sighs

A calm, British voice speaks reassuring words
weaving in and out between the hues

Chimera sharp like diamond
light stutters across the leaves mid-fall

Emulsion clumps together like egg on a grill
something forms, but resists taxonomy

The almond mutates—
suddenly I feel everything
and can’t help whispering to myself
questioning cloudburst and the shapes of words

Hues blend and morph
I’ve forgotten how to form the shapes with my mouth
but listen to the storm forming outside my window

The end of each episode is inevitable
but feels like a surprise
even though I’ve read the synopsis

I surprise myself
by thinking in complete sentences

The mute button doesn’t silence everything

(7 November 2018)

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