A momentary meditation on the metaphor of the all-consuming flame (a poem)

Inspired by a tweet, which I have used as the opening line of this poem, from Vasilina Orlova.

Fire completely consuming fire
more fuel for the fire
and a twisting motion
I cannot quite control
but I know serves some purpose

Open with the heart
is the only gambit I know—
that’s probably why
I’m always so spectacularly unsuccessful
and end up keeping it to myself

Fire completely consuming fire
burning out
and depositing the ashes
where they will be the most visible
or the least…

The fireplace in my apartment
has always been empty
but for the sound of dripping water
and its small, boxy echo
during heavy rainfall

Fire completely consuming fire
and smoke
and ash
and heat
not even the silence escapes

(28 October 2018)

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