The man-like creature boasts (a poem)

Wrote down a list of words during today’s poetry readings—marrow, boast, pleasure, terse, lamp-lit, iris, expulsion, mercy, vista, aspen, milk, dialect, antique, Russian, creature—and used as many as I could for this poem…

Whatever the stuff of his marrow
whatever the dialect of his speech
however terse the replies that shun him
he takes too much pleasure
shows too little mercy
empties human kindness of its milk
sends us back to the era of lamp-lit drawing rooms
now surplus storage for antique Russian nesting dolls
and a mildewed bellows camera
its iris crusted over at pinpoint aperture
stuck to the surface of the table
held up by three legs and a stack of old magazines

Someone knocks at the door
axe in hand, in search of kindling

(13 October 2018)

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