October Symphony (every other line) (a poem)

Yes, I’ve been watching It Couldn’t Happen Here again…

Bright hair and dark lights
white flags everywhere
the scent of plastic and motor oil
mixes with petrichor
and the nascent dreams of October
all wrapped in riddles and nonsense

‘I didn’t know you played the violin’

We came in halfway
through the seaside scene
and stayed until the beachfront came back around

I don’t know if she shared
the same fascination with existentialism
especially coming from a ventriloquist’s dummy

If she didn’t, she put up with it for my sake

The plane never crashed
but things sure got bumpy
sometimes it’s better
to be behind the monitor
than there with the camera

So many Mondays
come and gone since then
the revolution is a faraway scene
in the rear-view mirror

It was raining
when I went to bed last night

(1 October 2018)

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