Interval (a poem)

Today was a little easier. (The quote used in the poem is from the documentary The Artefacta about the artist Nicola Costantino.)

That was before

The world I lived in
had certain properties—
that I did not know
how to navigate them
did not negate the ways
in which they shaped my life

Now it is different

This is the interval
in which I know
things have changed
but haven’t figured out
what that means
or know if I ever will

‘Sadness is cold’, said the artist*

Perhaps it is not coincidence
that the weather turned to rain
the day after
and autumn poked her head
through the curtains
sensing she was needed

I don’t know what to say to her
so she withdraws

But she lingers
just outside the window
knowing the trees will soon need her
even if I am not so sure

The properties
of the world in which I live
have changed

That means I have changed

I am now the face
of the world I must learn

My feet sink differently into the earth
now that I have to walk upon it
despite not knowing
where my steps will lead

What’s done is done
soon it will be now

Until the properties
of the of the world I live in
change again

(26 August 2018)



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