W. T. F. (a poem)

Not feeling very poetical today, but here’s what I got…

A lot of people seem tired and irritable today
not one of the folks I’ve heard complaining
are worried about being able to pay rent this month

The folks sometimes known for
‘neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night
stays these couriers from the swift completion
of their appointed rounds’

can’t walk along the edges of a parking lot
to deliver the mail

For everything else, try to get a straight answer
and we may as well be speaking every language at once
I can’t understand a damn thing they’re talking about

What is it they want?

Meanwhile, I turn on the news:
the president who wants to be king
is reminiscing about his mother’s Thanksgiving turkey
and thinks ‘gestation’ is a cooking term

And that guy’s wearing a salmon fillet on his head

Monday? Is that you?

(21 August 2018)



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