Bookstore Poem #350. Considering my recent obsession with bodies of water

I wrote another poem today that I like better than this one—but it’s already spoken for. So…

‘A drowning person is not troubled by the rain.’

I feel this to be true
but the heaviness of the downpour
gives me pause

It is fair to say
I have an inclination
to express myself
in terms of aqueous metaphor

A reasonable person
is no doubt exasperated by now
viewing this as a frivolous fixation
an easy solution
to a non-existent problem

That is also fair to say
I worry about it myself

I suspect it’s a phase
the same way
I am occasionally given
to write about crows
before moving on
to my next obsession

But maybe—just maybe
water is
my Yves Klein blue
my Kusama dots

and maybe—just maybe
the true depth of the metaphor
has yet to be explored

(8 August 2018)



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