Slippery Rock, Opus, and the Good, the Bad, and the Snuggly (a poem)

An insight I had today, some twenty-six years after the fact…

It’s fair to say my memory
loses another detail each day
but I can still look at that one picture I have of you
and know that it’s not a good likeness

You have something the camera failed to capture

You also have that Polaroid of the two of us together—
and probably the Slippery Rock sweatshirt I was wearing

I’m not mad about that
in fact, I’m happy at the thought of you
having stolen my favorite shirts—

and a little disappointed the thought didn’t occur to me sooner

True, they’re impossible to replace now
but if you’re curling up in them
when you go to bed at night
how could I mind?

(1 August 2018)