National Poetry Writing Month 2018, Day 27

The prompt for Day 27 is to pick a tarot card and write a poem about ‘the images or ideas that are associated with it’. My poem is inspired by the Two of Cups, and partly influenced by side 1 of David Sylvian’s Brilliant Trees album.

Two of Cups

Fucking right
‘overindulging for the sake of the emotional high’

I think it’s about time I was allowed one
I’m so tired of the low and the middle
and scraping by while the rest of the world
acts out its fantasies eight tweets at a time

Could you have ever imagined a time
when the light would shine upon you
and you’d bask in its warmth?

I used to think I could
but now I know that the spotlight
is only for entertainers and suspects

I’m not an entertainer…

ink in the well

Once the rope has been cut
there’s no way back up—or down

You’ve got to take the cards you’ve been dealt

I don’t know what the years have come down to
I just know that I haven’t found a way out
the ladder reaches only so high
and the rope only so low

Will you come for me now?

I hear the sounds of harps fading
and strumming guitars growing
and my heartbeat striking louder…

I wish the notice that flashes across the screen
would have some good news for me

I thought I felt a spark
but it seems I was wrong—
or maybe I was looking in the wrong place

Would she lay hands on me
to let me know it’s all right?

Would I understand if she did?

I won’t let myself drown
I won’t let myself drown
I won’t let myself drown

I once drew the eight of diamonds—
exactly the card I asked for

It subsequently disappeared
along with the rest of the deck

It was more than I could have given her
I would have saved myself a lot of trouble
had I realized this at the time

The magician has yet to come back
with my card

(26 April 2018—posted April 27th)