National Poetry Writing Month 2018, Day 23

The prompt for Day 23 posed a bit of a challenge for me, since I spend a lot of time alone. So, as I have done a few times these last few weeks, I turned to the movie American Splendor for inspiration. I borrowed a couple of lines from the film, but mainly I adopted some of the speech patterns from both the film and the comic, and combined them with things I have either thought or said…

The movie of my life

So here’s me
well, this guy playin’ me anyway—
though he don’t look nothin’ like me, but whatever—

He’s doin’ all the things I do
an’ sayin’ all the things I say
an’ pretty much livin’ the same life as me

I’m not doin’ as great as you might think
I’m just another nobody flunky
I’ve stopped collectin’ but I’m still sorta like a junky—
always needin’ more

I use’ta say it was a good thing the stuff I like has resale value
but that ain’t so true anymore
Sure, they’ll take it off your hands
but they don’t give you nothin’ for it

At the end of the day
if they don’t give you nothin’
you ain’t got nothin’—
an’ then they won’t give you nothin’
’cause you ain’t got nothin’

So what’s a cat to do?

I’m hopin’ I get a second chance
between now an’ when I die
I won’t be rich, so I can’t call them the ‘golden years’—
maybe the ‘bronze years’ at most

All I ever wanted to be happy
What was that Harvey used to say?
‘Life is about women, gigs an’ bein’ creative’

One outa three ain’t bad?

(22 April 2018—posted April 23rd)