National Poetry Writing Month 2018, Day 14

For Day 14, I have managed to properly work with the prompt. The task was to create entries for an imaginary dream dictionary with the words provided.

Broken dream dictionary

ballet slipper
Your heart will most certainly be broken—
but in the most beautiful, delicate, precise way possible.

You will never need one of these,
as all your teeth have just fallen out of your mouth.

You will wield a hammer
only when it is the most useless thing possible
to have in your possession at that moment.

You and the rowboat have a complicated history.
Ask no more questions, or you will be doomed to relive it.

You trust the seagull because you believe it to be a sign you are not far from land,
but it only wants your leftover sandwich.

You would do well to steer clear of the shark.
Once you look into its dead eyes, it is over.

You vaguely recall a ventriloquist’s dummy going on and on about teacups
in a seedy English diner with an ambitious menu. Order the beans. And the tea.

wobbly table
You sign your contracts at one of these.
This is why all your deals collapse.

(13 April 2018—posted April 14th)

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