National Poetry Writing Month 2018, Day 9

The prompt given by for Day 9 is to write a poem in which something small and something big come together…


Ever since the beginning
I’ve been running

Ever since I can remember
I’ve been running

However many detours I have taken
I’ve been running

However many injuries I have sustained
I’ve been running

I have protested the entire way
I’m still running

I have schemed to lengthen my stay
I’m still running


There are no echoes here
There are no sounds
There are no voices
There are no thoughts
There is no sun
There is no light
There is no shadow
There is no heat
There is no cold
There is no feeling
There is
There is not

(8 April 2018—posted April 9th—amended April 9th)

6 thoughts on “National Poetry Writing Month 2018, Day 9

    1. Took a stab at amending the poem. I think it’s a small improvement, though I will undoubtedly have to return to it again after more time has passed.

  1. ha, i like it! we’ve been watching the Flash, of which this reminds… if you were just a little bit faster…

  2. I love how the refrain of ‘running’ connects this whole piece. It works really well!

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