National Poetry Writing Month 2018, Day 7

I detoured somewhat from the Day 7 prompt given by The idea of a conversation between different identities felt a little too similar to the other day’s prompt about different voices. I didn’t abandon it completely, though; I took my memory of a birthday party I went to (and left) about five years ago, and, with a few embellishments, recast it as a poem…

The birthday party

All the assorted pieces were present—
not necessarily accounted for, but present

The native Seattleite made a beeline
for the most attractive person in the room
but didn’t say anything—because why
would you say anything?
You can’t just say what you want—
that’s not very Seattle
But maybe if you stand close enough…

The introvert looked at this scene
shook his head
(Annoying suck-ups—
just bend over and be done with it)

found an empty corner
and proceeded to stand there alone
for the next thirty-five minutes
before deciding it was a dull party
(I don’t know any of these people—I’m out of here)

The photographer went around the room
stopping here and there to take a few photos
of ordinary objects at unusual angles
(the more out of focus the better)
and extra-close-up photos of unusual objects
(the more out of focus the better)
An empty section of wall
was deemed interesting enough
for a vertical panorama shot—
subsequently deleted because it was too dull

The recent divorcé
saw that everyone else was paired up
and left without talking to anyone

The starving artist stared enviously at the photographer
for about fifteen seconds
before following the divorcé out the door

The photographer figured the artist
must be up to something more interesting
than the empty section of wall
and followed—
only to find both divorcé and artist
standing around on the porch
where everyone was smoking
but not talking to anyone else
He pointed his camera to the sky
took a few photos of the moon
peeking out from the clouds
then got into his car and drove off

The Seattleite got tired of being ignored
by the most attractive person in the room
and stormed out without saying anything to anyone
Nobody noticed

The introvert was already asleep on the sofa
having been home for fifteen minutes
and killed off the rest of the crew
by drinking a bottle of vinho verde
while lamenting how he shouldn’t have bothered
going to the party in the first place

(6 April 2018—posted April 7th)

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