Starting on The Lilac Years

I did not realize until just a moment ago that it is already past midnight. That’s because I have started on The Lilac Years at last, doing the copy-and-paste from my Word documents into InDesign, and working on the basic layout.

Below are screenshots of a few of the spreads. So far, the main drawback to putting the titles at the bottom of the page is that longer titles are a bit troublesome. What I have been doing is to keep the titles their full size (Clarendon 13/15) as long as they fit within two lines; once they go to three, I fit what makes sense on the first line, then make the rest of the title smaller (8/11) so that it fits on the second line.

Of course, if I scrap this particular iteration, I won’t have to worry about any of that—but I’m going to place all the poems in InDesign first. Then the fun can begin.

Stay tuned!

(2 November 2017)

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