Friday is September 1st—time for a new writing challenge. I think I am going to go with the thing I mentioned a couple of days ago—i.e., avoiding the word I, regardless of form or format. Will it be harder than May 2016’s verbless poem challenge? Stay tuned to find out.

The eight-word-poem challenge for August turned out pretty well. As noted in my previous post, I wrote a total of 691 eight-word poems. Obviously, some will be better than others. Either way, it makes for a bit of extra fun at open-mics, since I can ask the audience for numbers, then read the corresponding poems—and none of us knows what we’ll get. I’m thinking it may be worth collecting all of them in their own book (most likely in chapbook form—something I have been thinking about for a while).

In the meantime, I intend to start on The Lilac Years in September. I won’t rush it, but I will definitely start selecting poems and making edits (or further edits, as the case may be).

On September 21st, I will be one of four PoetsWest poets featured at SoulFood Poetry Night at SoulFood CoffeeHouse in Redmond.

For now? It’s Labor Day weekend coming up—time to re-watch Twin Peaks: The Return ahead of Sunday’s final two episodes. Now that Agent Cooper is back amongst the living, things are about to get real…

(31 August 2017)