The Smashwords Summer Sale—through July 31st!

Smashwords is doing their annual summer sale right now. As part of it, the e-book editions of all of my books are 75% off; simply click on the Buy with coupon button, or use the coupon code SSW75 at checkout.

Here are the links:

This Is Not the Book That Will Save Your Life

…but for the thoughts running through my mind

‘Dear Wednesday…’ Love Notes to the Days of the Week, Volume Three

‘Dear Tuesday…’ Love Notes to the Days of the Week, Volume Two

This Is Fifty-three

Coffee Stains

Refusal to Remain Invisible

Quiet on the Outside…

‘Dear Monday…’ Love Notes to the Days of the Week

The Imperfect Document


Separation Anxiety

Of course, the great thing about Smashwords is that you have your choice of format: ePub or Kindle.

And don’t forget to check out the month’s other offerings from indie authors:

In the scripted words of the late Alan Rickman:

(4 July 2017)