National Poetry Writing Month 2017, Day 30

My Day 30 poem for National Poetry Writing Month uses the prompt on—to write ‘a poem about something that happens again and again.’


Every hour
of every day
an ending
an ascent to the sun
in permanent eclipse
marked by undulating flesh
and salty tears

The ritual
must continue
made to the bejewelled figure
hidden beneath the shroud
flames lit on the altar
a bell quietly rung

an open chord, suspended

Solar flares
a comb left on a table
secrets kept by shaky hands

The ritual
is a search
for answers
            Where are we now?
hidden beneath the shroud
in flames lit on the altar
a bell quietly rung

Each morning
the forgetting
begins anew
constant erasure
butting up against the desire to remember
writing frantically in the book
through salty tears

(29 April 2017—posted April 30th ET)


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