National Poetry Writing Month 2017, Day 12

My twelfth poem for National Poetry Writing Month uses the prompt from—to write a poem incorporating alliteration and assonance. I think I did better with the alliteration than the assonance, but here it is…

As though they thought no one would notice

Asinine authoritarian airheads
heave wholly horrible homilies
as paper paupers protest proletariat pinheads poncing about

When watching one winched wriggling wildly
from fracas fomented for formality’s sake
proper perspective pales

Repetition wrenched
from rigidly wrought regimented arrangements
rends the air agonistic

Silence sounds like nothing else
you will ever endure

(12 April 2017)

One thought on “National Poetry Writing Month 2017, Day 12

  1. Very enticing to read aloud, I really like the sound of it, besides the lines that make me ponder and grow anxious to rebel.

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