National Poetry Writing Month 2017, Day 1

It’s National Poetry Writing Month again; this year is my fifth time participating. My first entry combines the prompts from (write a Kay Ryan-esque poem) and the Napowrimo Facebook page (write about a ‘big first’)…

Only the moon knows how it feels

The first time
is always
the most awkward:
did I mention awkward?
There’s a certain
amount of stumbling about,
trying to hold it in
so the secret
doesn’t get out,
all the while
on the verge
of certain collapse—
assuming you don’t
first pass out.
Now the trepidation
is the first thing
I notice—
whether it’s worry,
fear, excitement,
or anticipation.
Of course,
in the end
it’s over too soon,
and I’m headed
for home,
followed closely
by the moon.

(1 April 2017)

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