My writing tools

Here is a short list of my writing tools:

Very Big Sketch Book (Art Alternatives)
This is exactly what it says: 600 pages of 75-lb. acid-free paper, 12-1/2″ (h) by 10-3/4″ (w), in a very sturdy, hardbound book. It’s large enough—and heavy enough—that I carry it in a laptop bag whenever I take it with me somewhere. Best of all, all that blank space provides plenty of room for working out ideas, writing longer pieces without having to turn the page, writing several pieces on a single page, drawing, doodling, and, undoubtedly, lots of things I haven’t considered yet. The Art Alternatives website lists it for $47.99, but I bought my first one at retail for about $30, and the one I just started using on Amazon for $25.

F-301 Ballpoint Retractable Pen (Zebra)
My favorite pen. I prefer the fine point (0.7 mm) with blue ink. Refills can be a bit hard to find (for some reason, I never think to look online), but the barrel is the right width for my grip, and the fine point has the right balance between smooth ink flow and resistance across the page. I should buy these online, but I always end up getting them at Office Depot/Office Max. I think they’re around six bucks in the two-pack.

On those rare occasions when pen and paper are not handy, I will resort to the Notes app on my more-and-more-ancient-by-the-day iPhone 5.

That’s my list!

(4 March 2016)