National Poetry Writing Month: Day #19 (April 19, 2013)

Today’s writing prompt is to write a poem in the form of a personals ad. I’m not really in a space to do that sort of thing, so I ended up taking sort of the opposite approach…

In the Interests of Full Disclosure

I’m probably not right for you.
I tend to think too much,
spend too much time alone,
assume the worst, and such.

I don’t trust you to like me.
I’ve already imagined in my head
the excuses you’ve never made,
the goodbyes you’ve never said.

Oh, I’d be very good to you;
don’t get me wrong.
I’d do all sorts of favors and kindnesses for you,
find that rarest edition of your favorite song.

I’d share things with you
that I know you really like.
And I’d be good to cuddle with
as we settled into the night.

My kisses would give you pleasure;
your excitement would be my delight.
I would gladly give my heart to you,
because love can bring peace, hope, and light.

But I’d always be caught wondering
what it is you see in me.
Because, as much as I might love you,
I don’t trust you to love me.

(19 April 2013)