National Poetry Writing Month: Day #14 (April 14, 2013)

Today’s prompt is to write a poem in the voice of a superhero. That’s not so much my thing, but we’ll see what happens…

“Be a man.
Be a human animal.
Be a superman…”
—William S. Burroughs (via Yellow Magic Orchestra’s “Be a Superman“)

Some days
I just want to rest

No signals
No rescues
No damsels in distress
No citizens under attack
No villains to defeat
No evil deeds to redress

Some days
I don’t want to hide

No costumes
No disguises
No thinly veiled alter egos
No deceit
No day jobs
No offices I have to go to

Some days I love my job
doing so much good in the world
neutralizing nemeses
securing safety
flying free through the breeze

Some days I want to go away
because I can never be with you
I have to hold back
I can’t be myself
My powers could completely destroy you

Some days
I long for the kryptonite…

(14 April 2013)


  1. lol….but, the cape is sooooo cool. No matter what….wear the cape. 😀 Loved this!!

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