Small update, 5 February 2019

Thanks to a long-overdue quiet day, followed by a couple of snow days (including today—the parking lot by my building is still too icy to get my car out to go anywhere), I have returned to working on my next collection of poems. What I have done so far:

First, I am almost done going through the entire collection—in reverse order, because that seems to help me focus—making edits here and there, and taking out a few entries that I don’t feel strongly about.

Second, although I have put everything in chronological order, and thus dispensed with the usual thematic sections, I am placing images at the end of each month’s poems to create natural breaks.

Third, as I go through the book making edits, I am keeping my mind open to ideas for a new title. This is proving to be tricky, as I want something that will reflect my feeling about the year, but won’t be too restrictive. I have a couple of possibilities written down so far.

Fourth, my ‘bookstore poems’ will be a separate section within the collection. This section will use my usual choice of typeface, Athelas (whereas the main part of the book will use Avenir LT Std).

I am still contemplating a hardcover edition. I have spent so much time on this collection (I started on it last summer), and the year was significant enough already, that I think it would be appropriate.

Onward, as they say.

(5 February 2019)