Another update 8/5/2018

Well, I did not write anything yesterday (I say ‘yesterday’ even though I haven’t gone to sleep yet)—but I now have a title for my next collection of poems:

Straining Against the Margins.

This phrase, which came to mind a couple of days ago, captures quite well the year so far—both for me personally and the world around me.

I spent a large chunk of Saturday re-ordering the poems I have included so far, making small edits where necessary, and changing a couple of poem titles. I made sure to first save my original table of contents, though, just in case I want to put them back in chronological order.

I also came up with a preliminary cover design:


No publication date yet—despite the cover design, this collection is still in the early stages of preparation. I expect to be adding and subtracting poems for a while yet. Plus this year has been ugly enough that I want to allow myself plenty of time to get the book just the way I want it.

In the meantime, The Lilac Years and my other books are all still available—and I will continue to post new work here.

(5 August 2018)