Change of Face

I decided today to change themes. The one I was using was okay, but I was never all that happy with it; instead, it felt like the lesser of many evils. Since I didn’t feel like trying out one replacement after another, I kept it in place.

Over the last week and a half or so, I have been working on a ‘proper’ WordPress site, seeing as how I haven’t had a ‘proper’ web site since the late 1990s. As I’ve stumbled and fumbled my way through the various little details involved in theme customization and plugin configuration, I’ve learned a couple of things. So, a change was about time.

I like the layout of the new theme I’ve chosen (imaginatively called Untitled) better. I also like the larger type size, which should make everything easier to read. And, after trying out a few different images, I’ve found a background among my many photographs that has a bit of texture, but is otherwise neutral.

There it is.

(26 August 2014)