Uh, hello or something…

So I’ve decided to start a bona-fide blog.
I have a few reasons for doing this:

One is that I’ve always wanted to write a book about something, but just can’t seem to sit myself down to write anything for very long, unless perhaps it’s a letter or a review or something.

Another is that I’m thinking of using WordPress to create a web site, and this seems like it could be a good way to test things out before I do that. And, as a graphic designer who is not otherwise into web design, the ability to do WordPress sites could be a good thing.

Finally, there’s stuff I tend to muse over, and/or like to complain about. A blog seems as good a place as any.

Why Ordinary Average Thoughts?
Because Ordinary Average Guy was already taken. And because I’m not rich, famous, influential, set for life, or any of that other crap. I’m just a more-or-less regular person doing his best to get by.

Also, for the most part, the things I will write about will be based primarily upon my own thoughts, feelings, opinions, etc. I’m not out to do definitive research on anything (though I won’t rule out including quotes and/or citing sources once in a while).

This means that some of the things I have to say will make sense, some will sound incredibly stupid, and I will sometimes get things completely wrong.

So, I’m about to have at it. Welcome to my world…

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